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Ranikhet Hill Station - Also Known As Queen's Meadow - Uttarakhand - India

Situated at an altitude of 1869 meters above the sea level, Ranikhet Hill Station is located just 59kms away from Nainital. Ranikhet also known as "Queen's meadow" is a quiet hill station high in the Kumaon Hill in the Himalayas. This beautiful hill station built up by British and is situated in Almora district in the Indian state of Uttarakhand.

Location: 60 kms from Nainital Uttarakhand India
District: Almora District
Clothes: Light woolen in summer and heavy woolen in winter
Best Time Visit: March to October
Snow Fall Season: December, January and February
Total Area: 21.76 sq.kms
Altitude: 1829 metres

Ranikhet Hill Station also known as Queen's Meadow is a beautiful place falling under the Indian state of Uttarakhand, and located at the height of 1829 m with a sprawling are of 21.76 Sq. Kms. The town is an ideal destination for a quiet holiday in the lap of nature. Nanda Devi and other tall Himalayan ranges are visible. It was the place of interest for British who frequented this place to escape from the sweltering heat of the Indian subcontinent during their rule. It is a cantonment town which was developed by the British and is entirely managed by the Indian Army and as a home for the Kumaon Regimental Centre & Naga Regiment and is maintained by the Indian Army. A lovely Indian queen visited here and mesmerized by the exquisiteness of this town. Ranikhet is a beautiful travel destination that attracts a big number of tourists every year.

Ranikhet Hill Station located in the Northern region of India in the Kumaon hills, all four seasons here have something special to offer. Tourist can also enjoy a number of adventure sports and trekking in this beautiful Hill Station. According to local legends, Ranikhet gets its name from Rani Padmini. She was the queen of Raja Sukherdev, the local ruler. These specialities of this beautiful hill station attract the tourists from across the globe. At present, Ranikhet is a cantonment town and place for Kumaon Regimental Centre (KRC) and Naga Regiment.The forests that surround Ranikhet contain several wildlife species. Ranikhet is known for its delicious apples, apricots, peaches and various other alpine fruits. Ranikhet is very rich in natural beauty. The perfect beauty of the place makes the tour quite enjoyable for the visitors.

Best Time To Visit Ranikhet - Weather At Ranikhet

March to October is the best time to visit the hill station. Ranikhet is accessible during most times of the year but most people know it for its immensely pleasant summers. In winter the temperature in Ranikhet touches sub zero. It snows here in the months of December January.

Temperature In Ranikhet

Summers: Max. 35.0 °C, Min. 10.0 °C
Winters: Max. 7.0 °C, Min 3.0 °C
Monsoon: Sometime Hot and Sometime Cool

Summer Season in Ranikhet

The summer season start at Ranikhet in month of March to May. In this season there are hot weather. The maximum temperature during the summer season is about 35°C. Tourist can see around and explore the beauty of the Ranikhet hill station.

Monsoon Season in Ranikhet

The monsoon season start at Ranikhet in the month of June to August. Theere are heavy rainfall at this season can be seen. Avoid in this season to visit Ranikhet hill station. The surrounding valley is lush with greenery, with nature's bounty at its best in this season.

Winter Season in Ranikhet

The winter season starts from month of October to February. The lowest temperature recorded during the season is around 3°C . The maximum temperature during the winter season recorded is about 7°C. The tourists sometime enjoy snowfall during this season. During the winter time, you can enjoy the outdoor activities without getting dehydrated or feeling the pangs of heat with moderate to heavy snowfall during December and January.

Tourist Attractions At Ranikhet

Main tourist attractions at Ranikhet are Jhoola Devi Temple & Ram mandir, Rani Jheel, Sunset points of Ranikhet, Kumaon Regimental Centre Museum and Memorial, Mankameshwar Temple, Bhalu Dam Lake and much more to explore. Some of attractions givel bellow with short information.

  • Bhalu Dam: Located at at the distance of 3km From Ranikhet, is known for its artificial lake .
  • Binsar Mahadev Temple: This popular temple of Lord Shiva located at the distance of approximately 15 km from Ranikhet.
  • Chaubatia Gardens: Situated merely at a distance of 10 km from Ranikhet.
  • Chaukhutia: Located at 54 kms from Ranikhet at route to Badrinath.
  • Upat and Kalika Golf Course: Ranikhet has the Asia’s highest altitude located golf course.
  • Katarmal Sun Temple: Situated at a distance of 25 km from Ranikhet is popular for its 12th century built Sun Temple. Katarmal Sun Temple is India’s second Sun Temple. First one being the Konark Sun Temple at Orissa.
  • Mankameshwar Temple: Founded by famous Indian Army Regiment of Kumaon.
  • The Mall: A good place to take walks. There are few shops and buildings here.
  • Upat: Located on Almora Road in Ranikhet.
  • Hairakhan Temple: Hairakhan Temple is located 4 km from Ranikhet town.
  • Jhula Devi Temple: Temple is an 8th century goddess Durga temple at Ranikhet Hill Station.
  • Majkhali: Located at the distance of 13km from, Ranikhet.
  • Manila: Situated at a distance of 87kms. from Ranikhet.
  • Jaurasi: Located at a distance of 16kms. from Ranikhet.
  • Khairna: Khairna is located at a distance of approximately 22 km from Ranikhet.
  • Kumaon Regimental Museum: A museum of military memorabilia of the Kumaon regiment of the Indian Army is in the cantonment.
  • Sheetla Khet: This is also a popular camping site.

Shopping At Ranikhet

Sadar Bazar, Zaroori Bazar and Khari Bazar are the markets at Ranikhet Hill station from where you can shop shawls, woollen fabrics, kurtas and jackets. You can get a good selection of woolens here apart from local woven shawls and carpets. Ranikhet is famous for Plum juice. Do not forget to buy some 'baal mithai' from the market at Ranikhet, if you are out for shopping. Buy souvenirs and other gifts for yourself and your friends and families.

Restaurants At Ranikhet

There are no many option for eating in Ranikhet. Here is the list of some famous and popular Restaurants located At Ranikhet from where you can eat.

Mayur Restaurant
Sadar Bazaar Road

Upadhyay Mishthan Bhandar
Sarna Garden Road

Coffee House
Airari, Ranikhet

Nutan Restaurant
Khari Bazar, Ranikhet

Ranikhet Club
The Mall Road, near Head Post Office

Bhagat Mishthan Bhandar
Khari Bazaar, Raneth, Ranikhet

Pandey Tea Stall
Khari Bazar, Ranikhet

Pantji momo and soup
Khari Bazar, Ranikhet

Hotels At Ranikhet

Here is the list of some hotels which are located at Ranikhet from where you can stay.

  • Chevron Rosemount
  • West View
  • Queen's Meadow Hotel
  • Hotel Royal Mountain
  • Annabella Hotel & Resort
  • Woodsvilla Resort

How to Reach Ranikhet

By Air:

The nearest airport from Ranikhet is Pantnagar Airport which is 120 km away from Ranikhet.

By Rail:

The nearest rail head from Ranikhet is Kathgodam Railway station. Located approximately 80 km from the town. Regular bus and cab services are available from Kathgodam to Ranikhet.

By Road:

Take NH 24 to Rampur via Moradabad, from where NH 87 leads to Kathgodam via Rudrapur and Haldwani. From Kathgodam Ranikhet can be reached taking a state highway via Bhimtal, Bhowali and Khairna.

Google Map For Ranikhet

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