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Ellora Caves - Impressive Rock Cut Temples and Monasteries - Maharashtra - India

Ellora Caves situated 30 kilometers from Aurangabad city in Indian State of Maharashtra. Ellora Caves are World Heritage Site, really impressive rock cut temples & monasteries. Built during 550 to 750 AD Ellora Caves are decorated with carvings, paintings, sculptures and murals depicting the life of Lord Buddha.

Location: In Aurangabad district, Maharashtra
Built in: During 350 - 700 AD
Significance: Listed as World Heritage Site
Attraction: Cave temples cut out of rocks
Coordinates: 20.023791° N, 75.178757° E
Phone: (0240) 331 217
Open Days: Wed to Mon ( Tuesday Closed)
Timing: Open Sunrise to Sunset
Must Visit: Cave No - 10,16,21,32,34

The Ellora caves also known as Verul Leni is located on the Aurangabad-Chalisgaon road at a distance of 30 km north-northwest of Aurangabad. The caves at Ellora were carved out of the vertical face of the Charanandri hills between the 6th and 10th centuries. The carving work began around 550 AD, about the same time the Ajanta Caves (100km northeast) were abandoned. The main patrons of Ellora cave temples are assumed to be the Chalukya - Rashtrakuta rulers in 7th to 10th century. In those times many king and merchants contributed huge sum of money for the erection of these temples. Ellora Cave has preserved beautiful wall paintings of the bygone era.

The UNESCO World Heritage Site Ellora caves are one of the most well known popular tourist attractions in India. They are specimens of the rich cultural heritage of ancient India. Thousend of tourists from various parts of India and arround world come to the caves to experience the awe inspiring structures and carvings. Here is some brief information about Ellora Caves. If a visitor has at his disposal three to four hours, then must visit the Cave no 10 which is dedicated to Visvakarma Cave, Cave no 16 dedicated to Kailasa, Cave no 21 which is dedicated to Ramesvara also Cave no 32 & Cave no 34 which is dedicated to Jaina group of caves should not be missed.

Many of the caves house panels depicting stories from the Jatakas, a rich mine of tales of the several incarnations of the Buddha.Not to miss out are the exlusive Ajanta cave paintings. Images of nymphs and princesses amongst others, are also elaborately portrayed.
  • The Buddhist Caves: There are 12 Mahayana Buddhist caves (caves 1 to 12). Built between the 5th and 7th centuries. Include living quarters, sleeping quarters, kitchens, and other rooms.
  • The Hindu Caves: There are 17 Hindu caves (caves 13 to 29). Built in 7th century. In The Hindu Caves different style of creative vision and execution skills
  • The Jain Caves: There are 5 Jain caves (caves 30 to 34). In The Jain Caves one can see Jain philosophy & tradition and exceptionally detailed art works.
  • Other Caves: There are 22 Other Caves dedicated to Lord Shiva, were recently discovered.

Entry Fee And Other Charges For Visit Ellora Caves

  • Entry Fee For Indian Visitors: Rs. 10 per head.
  • Entry Fee For Other Visitors: US $ 5.00 or Rs. 250/- per head
  • Entry Fee For Children up to 15 years: free
  • Charges For Videography and Photography: Rs. 25

Timing For Ellora Caves

Ellora Caves is Open from Sunrise to Sunset. On Tuesday Ellora Caves is closed for visiters and on holidays and sundays open for all visiters. Our advice is to start off early morning and plan your Ellora Caves visit accordingly so that you can visit all above mentioned places while stopping at the Ellora Caves at the end of the day journey.

Best Time To Visit Ellora Caves

The best time to visit Ellora Caves is during the months of October to February and from June to September. In March, April and May the temperature is really high between 37 °C to 44 °C making the weather really hot and humid so it difficult to travel around the caves. The Ellora caves are open for the tourists throughout the year, although the best months to visit the caves would be from October to March, due to the pleasant whether there.

Tourist Attractions Near Ellora Caves

If you are going from Aurangabad, you can get various places to stop by while you drive to Ellora Caves. There are many tourist attractions nera The Ellora Caves like Ajanta Caves the major heritage centres of Maharashtra, Aurangabad Buddhist Caves Built in 4th-8th century CE, Karla Caves is built in 2nd century BCE, Junnar Caves also known as the birthplace of Shivaji, Bhaja is a group of 18 caves, Pithalkora Caves is Dedicated to the Theravada sect of Buddhism and Elephanta Caves is rock cut cave temple.

Shopping Near Ellora Caves

There are limited options for shopping in Ellora. But Just outside the Ellora caves there are some shops which are selling semi-precious stones, beads, silver items, hand-carved sculptures of Buddha, footwear, apparel and various other accessories. Paintings of various Hindu Gods, Lord Buddha. you can also shopping at Aurangabad which is famous for its Fabric, Silver, Semi-precious stones,Old Coins. The famous shopping zones of Aurangabad are Nirala Bazar, Cannaught Place, Paithan Gate, Gulmandi etc.

Restaurants Near Ellora Caves

Here is the list of some popular and famous Restaurants which are very closed from Ellora Caves.

Akash Dhaba & Family Restaurant
Phone No: 9975817777, 9423393960
Aurangabad Road, Near Ellora Caves

Mewad Family Restaurant
Phone No: 9890445136, 7387293152
Near Ellora Caves

Maharaja Restaurant
Phone No: 9011877475
Near Ellora Caves

Laxmi Dhaba Restaurant
Phone No: 9595995953, 9860579870
Petrol Pump, Khuldabad, Near Ellora Caves

Vrindavan Restaurant
Phone No: 02437-244284, 9860163162
Khuldabad, Near Ellora Caves

Hotels Near Ellora Caves

Maharashtra Tourism Corporation Holiday resort near Aurangabad railway station, the Ajanta travellers lodge at the caves and the M.T.D.C. Holiday resort at Fardpur (4 Km from Ajanta) provide clean and comfortable accommodation. For more information about Ellora Caves you can contact the MTDC office in Aurangabad at below address:


MTDC (Holiday Camp)
Station Road, Aurangabad,
Maharashtra- Pin Code 431001
Telephone: 0240-2343169
Telefax: 0240-2331198, 0240-2334259

Here is the list of some more popular and famous hotels which are very closed from Ellora Caves.

Quality Inn Meadows
16.7 km from Ellora Caves

Hotel Mrunal Palace Aurangabad
21.3 km from Ellora Caves

Hotel Kartiki Aurangabad
21.8 km from Ellora Caves

Taj Residency Hotel
21.8 km from Ellora Caves

Hotel Panchavati Aurangabad
22 km from Ellora Caves

Hotel Ira Executive Aurangabad
22 km from Ellora Caves

Keys Hotel The Aures
22 km from Ellora Caves

How to Reach Ellora Caves

By Air:

The Ellora caves located at a distance of 28 kilometers from Aurangabad, can be reached by air. The nearest airport is at Aurangabad, which is directly linked to other major Indian cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Udaipur and Jaipur.

By Road:

The Ellora caves can be reached by road from other cities of Maharashtra such as Mumbai, Nasik, Jalgaon, including Aurangabad also all over India.

By Rail:

The nearest railhead to Ellora is at Aurangabad which is 28 kilometers away from The Ellora caves.

Google Map For Ellora Caves

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