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Jagannath Temple Puri - The Hindu Temple Dedicated To Lord Jagannath - Orissa - India

Jagannath Temple located in Puri, Orissa in India is one of the most famous temples of Lord Vishnu in India. There are a number of temples in the town, which form one of the major attractions of the place.The main deities worshipped in the temple are Lord Jagannath, Lord Balabhadra and Devi Subhadra. The temple is visited by numerous devotees from all over the world who wishes to pay their homage to Lord Jagannath.

Location: On the eastern coast of India, at Puri in the state of Odisha
Coordinates: 19°48′17″N 85°49′6″
ECoordinates: 19°48′17″N 85°49′6″E
State: Odisha
District: Puri
Festivals: Ratha Yatra Chandan Yatra Snana Yatra Nabakalebara
Architectural: Kalinga Buddhist Architecture
Built In: 1161
Built By: Anantavarman Chodaganga

Jagannath Temple in Puri is The land of Lord Jagannath, meaning 'Lord of Universe', is one of the most sacred pilgrimage spots in India. One of the four divine abodes lying on four directions of the compass; The Jagannath temple in Puri was built approximately 12th Century AD by King Chodaganga of the Eastern Ganga dynasty. The Bhoga Mandir and the Nata Mandir were put up later on in the 15th century and the 14th century respectively. This temple is one of the tallest temples that have been established in the country of India. Jagannath Temple is a part of the Char Dham pilgrimage, Ramesvaram, Badrinath, Puri and Dwarka.It was built by the Ganga dynasty King Anantavarman Chodaganga Deva. An interesting legend which is associated with the Jagannatha temple of Puri Conveys that it is said that King Indradyumna, the ruler of the territory, saw Lord Jagannath in his dreams and according to the Lord’s wishes, as told to him in his dreams, he got the Jagannath Puri Temple constructed. It is believed that the construction of the temple was originally started by the Kalinga ruler, Anantavarman Chodaganga Dev (1078 to 1148 A.D). Spread in the area of 400000 square feet with 20 feet high wall and a tower to a height of 192 feet, the globally renowned Odisha temple is stand on an elevated stone platform which measures 10 acres of area. The four huge halls namely, Bhog mandapa (offerings hall), Nata-mandir (dance and music hall), Jagamohana and Deul are enough to speak about the wonderful architecture of that era.

Lord Jagannath, the symbol of universal love and is worshiped in the Temple along with Balabhadra, Subhadra, Sudarshan, Madhaba, Sridevi and Bhudevi on the Ratnabedi or the bejewelled platform. Maha-prasada is pure vegetarian spiritual food offered to Lord Jagannath. Just by eating this mahaprasada one makes great spiritual advancement. Everyday, 56 varieties of prasada are offered to Lord Jagannath. The preparations are made traditionally and no onion, garlic, chillies or many varieties of vegetables (considered alien) are not used. The pillars that provide support to the temple are adorned with pictures depicting the life of Lord Krishna. In the list of the most splendid monuments of Orissa, Jagannath temple occupies a supreme position. Jagannath Temple in Odisha (Orissa) consists of four entrance gates. They are named as Singhadwara, Ashwadwara, Hathidwara and Vyaghradwara and these names refer to lion, horse, elephant and tiger. Each day, the Lord at the Jagannath Temple is offered 'bhoga' six times and it is dispensed among the worshippers close to Ratnavedi. The method of preparation is most hygienic and the traditional process of preparation of food for so many people in so short a time, takes many by surprise. To the right, we have the Ananda Bajara which is the popular name of the food selling market within the enclosure. Ananda Bajara literally means, the pleasure market.

Entry Fee And Other Charges For Visit Jagannath Temple Puri

There are no entry fee for any person Free Darshan to All, But you can pay charges for attend some special puja and events held by Jagannath Temple Puri. Photography and Videography are not allowed.

Opening Time For Jagannath Temple Puri

The temple opens at 5:00 am to 12:00 pm. The temple gates close for half an hour around 1:00 pm every day in afternoon.

Best Time To Visit Jagannath Temple Puri

Best time climate wise is between October and March. There are several festivals held at the temple like Rath Yatra in June. So June will be a great time to visit the Jagannath Temple also. The best time to visit the temple is during the Rath-Yatra. Otherwise devotees can visit Puri Jagannath during Oct.-April.

Tourist Attractions Near Jagannath Temple Puri

Situated on the eastern coast along the blue waters of the Bay of Bengal, Orissa offers to magnificent temples, sunny beaches, colourful wildlife,Lord Jagannath traditional tribal culture and a rich heritage. There are a number of Puri temples, which constitute one of the main attractions of the town. All these temples are visited by innumerable tourists, particularly by the people who are ardent devotees of the religion of Hinduism. Konark Sun Temple, Gundicha Ghar Temple, Loknath Temple, Daria Hanuman and Sonar Gouranga Temple, Ardhasani Temple, Suna Goswami Math, Bauli Matha, Jagannath Ballav Math, Govardhan Math, Atharnala Bridge, Puri Beach, Puri Ashram, Swargadwar are the main attractions closed from Jagannath Temple Puri.

Shopping Near Jagannath Temple Puri

You can buy good cotton and silk sarees in Puri around the Temple Road. You can get some real nice wall hangings,lamp shades,bags,etc.There are shops on either side of the road where you can get to shop all the local handicrafts. Puri is a noted beach destination so you will get a fascinating chance to buy shells and oyster items that are found in abundance on the pristine beaches. Sudharshan Workshop, Pattachitra Center, Grand Avenue, Puri Beach Market, Orissa Emporium, Raghurajpur and many more are mejor shopping places which are very closed from Jagannath Temple Puri.

Restaurants Near Jagannath Temple Puri

The Jagannath Temple, Puri has the largest kitchen of the world, and has about 400 cooks, 200 hearths and feeds over 10000 people everyday. So you can eat in temple which is serves good food. Also there are some popular and famous Restaurants which are closed from Jagannath Temple Puri serves good food, some of them listed bellow.

Bhojohori manna
Hotel Greenery, Gopal Ballav Road, Sea Beach, Puri
0.9 km from Jagannath Temple

Chung Wah Restaurant
V.I.P Road, Hotel Lee Garden
1.5 km from Jagannath Temple

Hotel Pushpa Complex, Gopal Ballav Road, Puri
0.9 km from Jagannath Temple

Agarwal's Pure Veg Restaurant
Grand Road, Puri, Odisha 752001
1.4 km from Jagannath Temple

Radhika Restaurant
New Marine Drive Road Baliapanda
1.2 km from Jagannath Temple

Wildgrass Restaurant
VIP Rd, Beach Area
1.5 km from Jagannath Temple

Nandan a/C Veg. Restaurant
Grand Road Nayak Plaza Shopping Complex
1.4 km from Jagannath Temple

New Parijat Restaurant
Sea Beach
1.5 km from Jagannath Temple

Hotels Near Jagannath Temple Puri

The Jagannathji Temple Administration has keeping in mind the needs of the devotees, has come up with “Nilachal Bhakta Nivas” a brand new guest house. Also there are some popular and famous Hotels which are closed from Jagannath Temple Puri have good accomandation option, some of them listed bellow.

Hotel New Rockbay 3.0 Star Hotel
Chakratirtha Road, in front of Sonar Gourang Temple, in front of Sonar Gourang Temple, Puri
0.6 km from Jagannath Temple

Anjana Resort Hotel
Gopal Ballav Road, Puri
0.9 km from Jagannath Temple

Yatrinivas Satpada
Via Brahmagiri, Puri
1.0 km from Jagannath Temple

Fort Mahodadhi 4.0 Star Hotel
Sea Beach Road, Swargadwar Beach, Puri
1.1 km from Jagannath Temple

Hotel Pushpa (Berries Group of Hotels) 2.5 Star Hotel
Gopal Ballav Road, Sea Beach, Puri
1.1 km from Jagannath Temple

Manisa Hotel
Kachery Road, Puri
1.1 km from Jagannath Temple

Victoria Club Hotel
Sea Beach, Puri
1.2 km from Jagannath Temple

Sagarika Hotel
Sea Beach, Puri
1.2 km from Jagannath Temple

Hotel Dreamland
New Marine Drive Road, Ballia Panda, Puri
1.2 km from Jagannath Temple

How to Reach Jagannath Temple Puri

By Air:

Nearest airport is in Bhubaneswar which 56 km away. There are Regular buses and trains service is available from Bhubaneswar to Puri.

By Rail:

Puri railway station is a major railway station and is well connected with almost all the major cities of India.

By Road:

Puri is connected with Bhubaneshwar, Konark, Berhampur, Taptapani, Sambalpur, Kolkata and all mejor cities in India by road.

Google Map For Jagannath Temple Puri

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