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Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary - The Spectacular Tiger Reserve Sanctuary Satara - Maharashtra - India

Koyana Wildlife Sanctuary is located in Satara District of Maharashtra state. Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary is the conservationist delight and natural lover paradise. The total area of notified sanctuary is 423.55 sq.kms.

Location: Satara, Maharashtra India
Coordinates: 17°32′56″N 73°45′11″ECoordinates: 17°32′56″N 73°45′11″E
Area: 423.55 square kilometres (163.53 sq mi)
Established in: 1985
Governing body: Maharashtra State Forest Department
Main Wildlife Attractions: Bengal tigers, Indian leopards, Indian bison, sloth bears, sambar deer
Other Attractions: Koyana Dam And Shivsagar Reservoir
Best Time to Visit: October
Entry Fee and Other Charges: Paid
Opening & Closing Time: In Summer: 7.00 AM - 6.00 PM and In Winter: 7.00 AM - 6.00 PM
Not Allowed: Pets

Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary was formed in the year 1985, as a part of Project Tiger which was initiated to protect the precious specious of tigers in India.The Sanctuary is well protected by the large extent of Shivasagar reservoir and steep Slopes of western Ghats on both the sides. This protected area is connected by a vegetal cover corridor of Chandoli and Radhanagari wildlife sanctuaries in south. The average altitute is 897 M. above MSL. The sanctuary is well protected by the large extent of Shivasagar reservoir and steep Slopes of Western Ghats on both the sides. A vegetal cover corridor of Chandoli connects this protected area. It is bounded by Radhanagari wildlife sanctuary in south. The mean annual rainfall is 5500 mm. The koyana dam is the chief centre of hydroelectric project in Maharashtra. The vertical slopes of the Western Ghats borders the sanctuary on one side, while on the other side it is bordered by Shivasagar reservoir. On the southern side of the Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary lies the famous Radhanagari wildlife sanctuary. The month of October is the ideal time for visiting the place.Some of the most spectacular species found in Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary include Royal Bengal Tiger and King Cobra. Located in the Satara district, the sanctuary is spread out 423 kms within the Western Ghats while the Sahyadri Tiger Reserve and Chandoli National Park are its immediate neighbours. Making the sanctuary lush and green are the three rivers, Koyana, Kandati and Solashi which travel through it.The steep slopes of the Western Ghats on two sides and the large extents of the Shivsagar reservoir together protect the sanctuary a good deal. There is a cover of thick vegetation that connects the sanctuary to the external world. In the south, it has Radhanagari Wildlife Sanctuary. Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary is a tiger reserve and hence is a protected sanctuary for tiger species.

Wildlife at Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary

The Koyna Wildlife Wildlife Sanctuary is well-known for its population of four-horned antelope and the barking deer.There is a wide variety of wild animals to explore inside the vicinity of the sanctuary. Some of the astounding examples of the Sanctuary’s flourishing Fauna are enlisted below. The other fauna in Koyna Wildlife sanctuary is also quite remarkable. The most commonly found species of animals include Samber, Barking deer, Bear, Wild Boar, Wild Dog, Blue Bull, Hyaena, Chinkara, Jungle Fowl, and many more.

Flora and Fauna at Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary

The forest types are southern tropical evergreen forests and southern moist mixed deciduous forest.Dominant species are Anjani, Jambul, Hirda, Awala, Pisa, Ain, Kinjal, Amba, Kumbha, Bhoma, Chandala, Katak, Nana, Umbar, Jambha, Gela, Bibba etc.. Karvi is found almost all over the area. The avifauna of the Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary includes Woodpeckers like the Heart Spotted, Brown Capped and Rufous Woodpeckers, Longtailed Nightjar, Goshawk, and the Faury Bluebird. What is unique about this sanctuary is that these birds are very rarely found at places other than here, in Western Ghats. Apart from these species, the sanctuary shelters Bufo Koynansis, and unique species of it.he sanctuary is enriched with a vast vegetation cover that mainly comprises of southern moist mixed deciduous forests and the southern tropical evergreen forests. Below given is the list of some of the common trees and plants found here. Among the birds are Heart Spotted, Rufous and Brown Capped Woodpeckers, Goshawk, Long Tailed Nightjar and Fairy Bluebird. These are found very rarely in other parts of Western Ghats.Sanctuary also shelters a unique species Bufo Koyanansis, which is habitat in this protected area.Rufous woodpecker, Heart-spotted woodpecker, Brown-capped pygmy woodpecker, Long-tailed nightjar, Crested goshawk and Asian fairy bluebird,King cobras, Indian pythons, Bufo koyanansi and frog also found here.Quite a few species of wildlife vegetation, which are rare and endangered, exist in the Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary, like Ran - Jaiphal and Garambi, Dhup, Longan, Eupohoria, and Elecoarpus Tectorium. Giant species of trees, like Turpunita Malbarica and Harpullia Arborea that are indigenous to the Western Ghats of Maharashtra can also be seen in the sanctuary premises.

Best Time To Visit Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary

Ideal visiting season is from October to January.Heavy showers may be experienced durin these months but the observable density of the forest makes it worthwhile. October is the most stable time of the year as the weather is most predictable and pleasant to take trips during.The climate here in Koyna Wildlife sanctuary is hot and wet. It receives quite a bit of rainfall during the monsoons, which ranges form mid-June to September. The best Time to visit Koyna Wildlife sanctuary is from the month of October to the month of June. The climate during this period remains predictable and comfortable. Most animals are seen near water bodies during this time of the year. Winters are cool with the lowest temperatures seen during the months of December and January.

Tourist Attractions Near Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary

Other attractions nearby are the Shivsagar Reservoir and the Koyna Dam. Tourism in Satara reveals its importance as an ancient centre of cultural heritage. Several temples, forts, lake as well as bird sanctuary make the place a wonderful place of visit. Koynanagar is a popular day visit option for guests from Pune during monsoon when the area comes alive with mist and waterfalls.The famous and mersmerising Hill Stations 'Panchgani' and 'Mahabaleshwar' are situated in the Satara District.Other Destinations near Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary are Mahabaleshwar Hill Station, Pratapgad Fort, Sajjangad Fort, Vasota Fort, Ajinkyatara Fort, Panchgani.

Shopping Near Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary

There are no many options for shopping at Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary but in arout of 30 to 40 km area are good for shopping. Here is the list of some shops like,

City Center, Satara
194, Sadashiv peth, Satara (29 km away From Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary)

Darshan Showroom
109/110 bhavani peth,rajpath (29 km away From Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary)

City Center, Satara
200/201, Radhika Road, Pratapganj peth (29 km away From Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary)

Udyog bhawan, powai naka (31 km away From Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary)

N.jivraj showroom
250Bhavani peth satara, Satara (29 km away From Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary)

Saheb Mens wear
175/176,bhawani peth,palace street, post (29 km away From Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary)

Restaurants Near Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary

There are some famous Restaurants to eating some spicy food and also sweet dishes serves like,

Kushal Restaurant
Krishna Sudama Restaurant
Hotel Abhishek
Abhiruchi Restaurant
Riverview Restaurant
Vardal Restaurant

Hotels Near Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary

Forest guest houses can be availed around the perimeter of the sanctuary. Other resorts are also available with lake-side views and regular meals. Rooms can be rented within variable price ranges and are cheap as well as well kept.Tourist can halt at Irrigation Department Rest house with permission from Executive Engineer, Koyana, Pophali, and Ratnagiri.There are many luxury, budget hotels and resorts available in Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary to enjoy your trip. Here is the list of some hotels are very near from Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary listed bellow.

Shanti Niketan Cottage
At Post Metgutad Bondarwali, metgutad mahabaleshwer

Motel Vanashri
Mumbai Goa Highway, Near Bahadur

Hotel Vaibhav
Mumbai Goa Highway, Dali Colony.

How to Reach Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary

The Sanctuary is well connected by road and has the Kolhapur-Deogarh Highway passing through it.This place is well connected to bus services from Kolhapur (52 km), Murgud (25 km), and various other places in Maharashtra as well. Distance of Kolhapur from Koyna Sanctuary is approximately 65 km. Main cities Satara (70km), Nasik 118 km, Pune 110 km, and Vashi 126 km.

By Air:

The nearest airport to Koyna Wildlife sanctuary is the Kolhapur airport which is at a distance of only 65 kilometers. Other options are Pune, which is 181 kilometers from the Sanctuary and Mumbai, which is 250 kilometers away by road. Mumbai airport has connectivity with all major countries around the world.

By Rail:

The nearest railway station is the Kolhapur Railway Junction. It is located just 60 kilometers from Koyna Wildlife sanctuary.There are train stations around small towns all around the area as well.

By Road:

The nearest Bus station to the Koyna wildlife sanctuary sanctuary is Radhanagari, which is situated only 55 kilometers away on the Kolhapur-Deogarh state highway.The closest bus station is located at Radhanagiri, which is at a distance of 55kms from the place.Those who want can easily avail the buses operated by Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation (MSRTC) or even private buses, and cars for reaching Radhanagari. Other places connected by road with Radhanagari include Hyderabad 595 km and Goa 209 km.

Google Map For Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary

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